Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Soul is at peace and satisfaction.

Alhamdulillah thuma alhamdulillah - the good news about Shiekh Nasr Alfahed keeps coming in:

-Several days days ago Shaykh Naser Alfahd was allowed to call his family.

-Yesterday the family was allowed to visit him in prison for the first time in 6 years.

-His appearance was not like that which they used to see of him but his heart was full of tranquility.

-The family wanted to inspire him but ironically he was the one to inspire and encourage them.

-After waiting for a long time in the waiting room, he came up very slim in posture. Gray/white hair had covered most of his beard.
(Note: the only picture you see of him was months after going into prison 9 years ago with not any apparent gray in it)

-Shiehk Naser has 2 sons. One is 15 years old named Usamah. When Shiekh Naser seen his son Usamah he did not recognize him. The last time he seen him, he was 8 years old and now he is 15. Keep in mind those are the years when ones appearance changes.

-He showed his family parts of his body from the effect of the torture in his hands, legs, and even a broken tooth.

-He was firm and upbeat at times reminding his family of the past good times to make them laugh.

-He denied an ongoing rumor that he refused visitation.

-They asked him about other matters of torture like the picture where they restrained his hands and feet together behind his back among others. He said it is true but the torture is only to the body but the soul is at peace and satisfaction.

-He sent his Salam to me twice in the setting which is something I’m so very much honored to get from a man like him.

-He sends his Salam to all the Muslims who are concerned and ask about him and remember him.

-ALLAH is accepting your duaa. So keep your duaa going. Just imagine how much duaa he is making for those who remembered him and made duaa for him.

-Several days ago before the visit my father(may allah give him a long life full of deeds) returned from a trip to all three of our sacred masajid. He told me everywhere he went he made duaa for the oppressed Muslims and this Shiekh in particular.
He told me expect good news about him.

Let us intensify the duaa.

I told the family first good news was the call, then a visit, and the 3rd will be the release inshallah.

Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril

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